Quality Copper Jackets for Making Your Own Custom Bullets
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Starting back in October of 2009 I as well as other shooters were finding it tough to find readily available ammunition or components to reload. I was told of shooters buying accessory parts to convert their reloading presses to make jacketed bullets. I started looking into doing this myself but found it hard to find copper jackets already made at an affordable price.

After about a year of looking, I located a manufacturer that would let me make purchases of jackets if I bought in large quantities. The quantities were too high and costly for me alone so I decided that over time I would build up an inventory to sell.

This is when I started “Center x Bullets” to sell Copper Jackets to individual bullet makers.

Now at this time I have enough different calibers of jackets that I can sell smaller quantities at a better price to the individual making their own bullets without them having a large out of pocket expense. I sell in small quantity or will acquire large quantities for those needing volume.